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Rent Guarantee incl. Legal Expenses, VAT and Tax Investigations

  • Legal Costs
    • Maximum of £100,000 any one claim
    • Maximum of £100,000 for all claims notifed within the period of insurance
    • Eviction - up to £50,000 of adviser's costs per claim
  • Rent Protection
    • £2,500 maximum per month
    • £25,000 maximum any one claim (or 12 month's rent whichever is less)
  • Possession of the property
  • Tax protection
  • Unlimited access to legal advice 24/7 (helpline)
  • Access to online documents for Health and Safety Legislation and HR matters


  • Legal Expenses: £250
  • Eviction: £nil if due to failure of rent (arrears must be a minimum of £250 to claim)
  • Rent Protection: £500 or one month's rent (whichever is the greater)

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